Personal Assistant Required: Flexibility Essential

- Job Description -

**It is recommended that you read all of this page before applying; all information is important and relevant to the job.


North Bransholme / Wawne / Kingswood area of Hull, East Yorkshire, UK.


As Soon As Possible.


I would like at least 2 staff available for the following (PLEASE NOTE: GREY COLOURED TEXT = Position Filled)

• Sunday 12 am (midnight) until 9 am Monday - 9 HOURS [PERMANENT].

• Monday 12 am (midnight) until 9 am Tuesday - 9 HOURS [PERMANENT].

• Friday: 9 am until 6 pm - 9 HOURS [PERMANENT].

• Mon: 9 am until 6 pm - 9 HOURS [LONG-TERM COVER].

• Flexible / Bank staff: Involves covering weekends and unsociable hours [PERMANENT] - Hours will be assigned on an *as and when needed* basis, for the purposes of emergency and holiday cover. A driving license is not essential for this role, but is preferred. You should know that, although regular hours cannot be guaranteed for bank staff (unless you also do some of the above), I generally have a team of around 7 assistants; consequently, the likeliness I will require cover on a regular basis is high.

***Hours are flexible and may be moved or added to depending on any appointments or plans I make — with regards to this you will be given notice; however, for obvious reasons, I cannot give notice for unforeseen circumstances such as another staff member being ill, or if there are delays in transport, etc. As I require someone present 24/7, you may be required to adapt as needed. I try my best to be as accommodating as possible.


• Because of the extremely personal nature of this job, female applicants are preferred; however, some hours may be suitable for male PAs (such as driving / travel helper / afternoon  emergency cover, etc).

• Due to insurance purposes, applicants must be over 25 years old.


£9.50 per hour (paid 4-weekly via bank transfer).


• No uniform / can wear your own clothing (must be sensible, comfortable, & appropriate for the work you are doing, and - where applicable - suitable for the event we attend).

• On-site secure parking (driveway, lockable gates).

• Carer discount & priority at select stores & other venues.

• If travelling with me: free event/venue entry, free travel, free accommodation, free food/drink (non-alcohol).

• Free PPE, Soap, & other essential equipment provided.

• Insurance provided to drive my vehicle.

• Free WIFI in my home, & during travel if available & affordable (at my discretion, & must not affect your job performance regardless of location).

• Join me in exclusive events, behind-the-scenes, meet amazing people, wildlife, & experience the unique, bizarre, & interesting.


I am 34 year old professional artist from Hull, and obsessed with everything nature, science, and wildlife. I love going on long outdoor strolls with my dog, challenging myself, and pushing boundaries. I am sometimes involved with public events and the media. I enjoy drawing, music (especially anything rock), festivals, gigs, cinema, animal training, photography, camera trapping, eating out, reading (especially true stories), decent whisky, learning new things, old architecture, bike ralleys, and exploring new places. I currently volunteer with the Sumatra Camera Trap Project, using my skills in art and web-design to help them raise awareness of wildlife and preserve the rainforest.

I have a disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), which means I cannot walk, stand, or use my arms. My intellect is not affected, and I do not let my disability define me. I enjoy my own space and independence; however, I rely on my staff completely for my health and to help maintain my lifestyle, enabling me to access the world. I appreciate anyone who shows me willing, dedication, flexibility, understanding, and honesty.

As my PA, you will share in my life, assisting as required, travelling with me to various destinations for both my work & holidays (I will cover the necessary costs). You are my access to the world and its experiences. You will be paid for your presence at work, regardless of what we do that day; whether we’re at a busy event or relaxing - it makes no difference.


Personal assistant required, flexibility is essential. The job involves…

• Full personal care (e.g. washing/bathing, getting in/out of bed, toileting, dressing, feminine hygiene, feeding, etc);

• Sleeping (both my home & away);

• Driving / Travelling (both in UK & international; includes long-distance driving);

• Social (e.g. going to pub / gigs / cinema / shop, etc);

• Housework (vacuuming / washing-up, etc);

• Basic gardening (e.g. helping me plant stuff, picking fruit/veg, weeding/tidying, etc);

• Cooking (note: I eat meat);

• Helping with set-up at art demonstrations and exhibitions;

• Enabling me to attend meetings and other formal events (I am an artist);

• Accompanying me on holiday & work-related travel;

• Care of my pets (feeding, grooming, etc);

• Secretarial (answering the phone / note-taking, etc);

• Occasional assistance with pain-relief (normally involves changing position / massage / apply pressure / giving oral meds, etc).

All applicants MUST...

• ... be willing and available to cover other Personal Assistants, sometimes at short notice (e.g. if others are off due to sickness, holiday, etc). This will include working weekends & late nights. This is not a care home, if I do not have dedicated staff available to cover, this will put my health (and potentially my life) at risk.

• ... be able to drive (or willing to get a Driver’s License within 2 years of employment), have a clean driver's licence, and be confident on motorways, in cities (e.g. London), and rural areas (e.g. country roads, hills, etc).

•... be willing to drive a Volkswagen Transporter (it's a manual-drive / stick-drive, small/medium-sized van, but only requires a regular car license).

•... have good social skills & be able to speak fluent English.

• ... be a good listener and able to follow verbal instructions.

• … be willing to have vaccinations. You are working in an environment with a vulnerable adult, who sometimes works with other vulnerable people, so this is non-negotiable; in this profession, you will be eligible to receive relevant vaccines free of charge via your NHS doctor.

• ... be comfortable with all kinds of animals - both wild & domestic. I have a dog, and my career as an animal artist/photographer means I am sometimes working closely with zoos, wildlife parks, rescue centres, farms, showing shows, etc; occasionally, I may also unintentionally rescue random wildlife haha!

• ... be comfortable with all kinds of people, of all abilities and ages. My travels take me to all kinds of places, from casual events at bike rallies, street markets, and comic-cons; to formal events at art galleries, veteran events, schools/colleges/universities, zoos, and museums.

• ... be ok with working with an occasional smoker (rare, usually social, mostly vape now).

• ... be ok with lifting heavy items (due to loading equipment into the van for travel, erecting marquee & tables, transporting disability equipment to hotels, etc). Please note that depending on the event and how demanding it will be, I will often arrange a volunteer to join us and assist where needed.

• … be willing to participate in fundraising activities, which may involve dressing in animal costumes and other silly antics. Although you are expected to take your role seriously (e.g. respecting my confidentiality, following instructions, etc), at the events I attend, you will see people from all-walks-of-life, of all generations and backgrounds, you will likely see things you have never seen before (from body-painted nudes, to cosplay, body modifications, and suspension); consequently, it is important that you are genuinely open-minded, non-judgemental, sociable, and have a good sense of humour (our sense of humour can get a bit macabre haha). I also sometimes partake in live online sessions, and may require your assistance (with my guidance) in setting up equipment and reading out comments and questions for me to answer (usually off-camera).


• No previous experience in care required - I will train you my personal & preferred ways of doing things regardless of previous experience. It should be noted that, although there are aspects of care involved with this work, you are hired as a “Personal Assistant” rather than a “carer”; the difference being that I am fully capable of making my own decisions, I am not in any way restricted to a set routine, & you cannot make decisions on my behalf (especially those which would interfere with my personal choices / independence). You are present to assist me where possible (as and when needed) in living an independent life. Whilst at work, you are my bridge to independence, my “normalcy”, adventure, & the occasional crazy antics; you are essentially sharing my life, whilst helping me to live it how I want and to the full.

• Punctuality, reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, respectfulness, and a willingness to learn and improvise are ESSENTIAL. Understand that this is not a care home, if my staff are not available as needed then I am at risk. You will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement if you get the job (including for the initial 3 month trial), to ensure that my personal life stays private. Legally, this confidentiality agreement still stands (indefinitely) even after you have left my employment.

• You will need an "Enhanced DBS with barred list" check, but if you don't have this it can be arranged. You cannot start work until I receive this; the job centre can assist you in obtaining one, which will make hiring go more smoothly.

• Valid certification in manual handling in the workplace (of equipment/goods) is preferable. The job centre can help you with this.

• Valid certification in basic First Aid is preferable. The job centre can help you with this.

• My days can vary from very busy and adventurous (e.g. long walks in the middle of nowhere in search of wildlife, or going to a busy rock concert), to relaxed and doing nothing except watching movies / listening to music, and drawing. Some days you will have lots to do, others you may only have house chores, feeding the pets, and my personal care; consequently, you need to be comfortable with both scenarios. A love of cinema, music, and the outdoors is useful, for job enjoyment.

• When I am with close friends, I may sometimes expect you to take a step back and give me some private time; please be understanding and respectful of this. No matter how close I am with all my PAs, I like to have *me* time on occasion, as we all do.

• It should be noted that due to my work, sometimes I will be involved in high exposure activities (e.g. public events, media-related activities, etc), and because of the nature of your job, it is inevitable that at some point you may be photographed or filmed (either in the background or directly), and such captures can end up online, on television, or other forms of media. I am not always in control (or necessarily aware) of this activity; consequently, it is important that you feel comfortable with this.

• It is preferred that you have a basic understanding of technology; for example, I often prefer to contact my staff via texting, because it is easier for me. Sometimes I take part in short educational courses in which you will be expected to type notes. Also, you may sometimes be expected to take photographs or film me during outings (e.g. whilst I am painting or speaking at events) - if you are not confident in these areas, I am happy to teach you the basics, but you do at least need to know how to text and/or use Facebook Messenger.


If your application is accepted, I will contact you for an interview via email or text at the earliest convenience for both of us. I will conduct 2 interviews, the first online via video chat (such as face-time, Facebook messenger, discord, etc), and if that goes well, I will contact you within 48 hours for a face-to-face meeting, where we can discuss things in more depth. If your face-to-face interview is successful, you will be contacted within 48 hours to offer you a trial position (average 3 months, subject to extension). If your trial is successful, you will be kept as a permanent employee. If you do not get the interview / job, I cannot guarantee you will hear any further correspondence.

**It should be noted that, if you do not get the job, that doesn’t necessarily mean you were unsuitable; from those applying, I not only have to work out who is able, but I also need to assess who I feel I will get along with most. If I choose someone else this time around, it doesn’t mean I won’t give you a chance next time. As you can understand, judging things like this can be extremely challenging. What I will say is, your honesty will gain my respect, deception will not; if your words do not following through with your actions, I will notice, and it will not help you in the long-term. Furthermore, I highly recommend joining our Volunteer list; we have a great time, and if we have worked well together in the past, I am more likely to consider you for future positions.

**Note: My Personal Assistants were present in or behind the scenes of all of these images. I am truly grateful to all of my PAs; without them, I wouldn’t be able to do the awesome work I do, nor have such amazing adventures. To say they enable me to live a *normal* life feels almost offensive (to them) - it would be more accurate to say that because of them, I live an extraordinary life!

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