Acknowledgements & Thanks

This is just to say a MASSIVE thank you to all who have helped and supported me throughout my life and career; the list is in 

 no particular order. I sincerely apologise if I miss anyone out (just tell me off next time you see me!)…

Maureen Beetham (Grandma / adoptive-mum) 

Kenneth Beetham (Grandad / adoptive-dad)

Uncle Neil Armstrong (not the astronaut!)

Uncle Barry & Auntie Freddie McWilliam

Mrs Lou Ward & Mr Dave Ward

Trevor Harrington

Steve Waller (Artist & Tutor)

My close family & friends.

All of my Personal Assistants who have enabled me throughout the years.

All of the animals I have had the honour of meeting and/or having as part of my family, & all I will meet in future.

Everyone at the Association Of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists

Joe “Moemario” Martin (Artist)

Craig Goodliffe (Hessle Computers)

Anthony Hearn (Co-Founder SumatraCTP)

Pungky Nanda Pratama (Co-Founder SumatraCTP)

The Sumatra Camera Trap Project

Sue Hilton

Rosie Eldon

Jenny Halliday

Christine Eastburn

Jan Oddy

Laura Murrell

David Shepherd, CBE (Artist)

Mandy Shepherd (Artist)

Frederick Forsyth, CBE (Author)

Mark Hebblewhite (John Street Gallery)

Jon Parker (John Street Gallery)

All staff & volunteers at REMAP

Becky Shaw (Animal Manager)

Evelyn Gericks (Animal Trainer)

Sarah "Moppet" Craig

Zachary Taylor

Cj Brown

Jonny Udell

Zachary Kibbee

Felipe Rodrigo

Gene L Louis

Bullets And Octane

The Mercury Riots

Clémence Faivre (Equine Trainer / Performer) & her horse, Gotan

Lorenzo: The Flying Frenchman  (Equine Trainer / Performer)

Zachary Hollinshead (Zoo Director)

Tess  Treillet (Equine Trainer / Performer for Los Rios / EquiCirque)

The Big Cat Sanctuary

Bucks Goat Centre

Neil Smithson (Hull Inks)

Close Encounters Africa

Tony Nevett & his Assistance Dog, Danny

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Tiger Time

Annabel Strange (Sound Artist)

Mark Jones (Sound Artist)

Pete Turner

Andy & Lisa "Silverback" Freeman

Andrew & Lynne "Stig" Styles

Josef Altin (Actor)

Annette Hannah (Actress)

William "Joe" Cahill


Dreams Come True


Starlight Charity, & the cast from the West-End show “The Lion King”

Children In Need

All of the zoos, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries I have visited which educated and inspired me throughout the years.

 All of the Motorcycle Clubs who have supported me, invited me to their events, & helped me to fundraise.

 All of the musicians / bands, artists, & photographers who have supported me, invited me to their events, attended my events, & helped me to fundraise.

All photographers who have allowed me to use their images as reference materials for my art.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Bishop Burton College.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Hull College & University.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Wilberforce College.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Kingswood High School.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Broadacre Primary School.

All staff who taught, encouraged, & supported me at Frederick Holmes Special Needs School.

All staff who were good to me at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

All the decent reporters, tv crews, & radio crews who don’t feel the need to turn disability into a “bless their cotton socks!” kind of story.

All who have supported, volunteered, & assisted with my projects, no matter how crazy or impossible they seemed at the time!

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