Awards, Qualifications, & Experience


• Degree - BSc (With Honours) Applied Animal Behaviour & Training (Bishop Burton College, 2006-2009), which included the study of: All animal classifications  / Advanced Animal Training / Ornithology and Bird Ethology / Companion Animal Behaviour / Counselling (Human and Animal) / Marketing / Statistical Analysis / Behavioural Research Methods / Biology, Brain, and Behaviour / Captive Animal Management / Academic and Professional Skills / Animal Systems / Principles Of Animal Behaviour / Human and Animal Psychology / Animal Behaviour Management / Behaviour Of Exotic Species / Behaviour Of Domestic Species / Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Zoonoses / Health and Hygiene / Animal Therapies and Interactions / Animal Welfare and Legislation / Animal Health and Nutrition / Animal Development and Training / Animal Communication.

• CLL, UFA: Introduction to Children's Book Illustration (The University Of Hull, 2011).

• CLL, UFA: Introduction to Forensic Psychology (The University Of Hull, 2010).

• CLL, UFA: Why Do People Behave As They Do? - Introduction to Psychology (The University Of Hull, 2010).

• A2 Art, AVCE ICT, AS Graphic Design, AS Photography (Wilberforce College, 2004-2006).

• GCSE: Art, Graphic Design, Science, English, Maths (Kingswood High School, 1999-2004).

• NICAS Desktop Publishing: Intermediate Level.

• Highly Commended Artist, Trophy Award (Kustom Kulture BlastOff: The UK's Only Rock & Roll Art Show, 2015).

• Canine Challenge (Scallywags, 2012) – with my dog, JD.

• Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bronze Award (Scallywags, 2012) – with my dog, JD.

• Jane Tomlinson Award (Sue Ryder Care Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards, 2008). 

• 'Triumph Over Adversity' (Champion Children, 2004).


• Whizz Kidz 'no limits' Millennium Award ('Whizz Kidz', with the 'Millennium 

Commission' and 'The National Lottery', 2002). This was for a project I called “Nature Is Great”, in which I set up an art exhibition and produced a booklet. My aim was to increase awareness on the lack of basic wheelchair facilities in various animal parks. During this project I spoke with and advised Park-Rangers and members of the public; consequently, many of the parks have since been modified and adapted to be more disability-friendly.

• The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ('Skills Section: Bronze Level', 2002).

• Carriage Driver Of The Year (Riding for the Disabled Association, 2001).


• I have been drawing & painting since 3 years old (1990-Present).

• Experience with Inks, Graphite, Watercolour, Pastel, & various Digital Creative Software (OS X, IOS, & Windows).

• Experience working with a variety of different animal species (wild and domestic), both as an artist / photographer, and as a trainer / observationalist / collecting scientific data.

• Participated in well over 100+ public Art Demonstrations & Talks (see the News page for more details), from formal exhibitions in London, to small charity events, zoos, schools, and bike rallies. If you would like Lippy to attend your event, get in touch!

• Experience with Web-Building, Social Media, HTML Coding, Database, Statistical Analysis, Promotion, Public Engagement, & Advertising.

• Student Mouth Artist for the 'Association of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists' [AMFPA] (2000-Present).

• Member of the Association Of Animal Artists.

• In 2019, I commenced collaborations with the APA PositHive Art Gallery (Kingston Upon Hull, UK).

• In 2017, I was invited to be a speaker as part of Hull City Of Culture’s “Women Of The World” festival. I spoke about my life, highlighting points on disability awareness, travelling as a disabled person, art, and nature conservation.

• In 2017, I participated in a TV feature with the BBC (The One Show), in which I worked with the wolves and staff at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. I photographed & painted the wolves live on camera, and participated in an interview.

• In 2014, EquiCirque expressed an interest in both my artworks and photography. EquiCirque has since used my photography in their promotional materials. Professional equestrian trainers and performers, Lorenzo (The Flying Frenchman) and Clémence Faivre, own 2 of my paintings.

• In 2007, I exhibited artwork at Christie’s Auction House (London); 100% of proceeds were donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

• My artworks have also been donated to / helped fundraise for the RNLI (Withernsea), RSPB, Hounds First Sighthound Rescue, Tiger Time, Macmillan Cancer Support Charity, SHARE Rescue, Maplefields Special Educational Needs School, Charlie Hook Appeal, Racehorse Rescue Rehabilitation-Center, among many others. I have also exhibited, performed live mouth-painting demonstrations and talks for various organisations, charities, and other events.

• School Art Demonstrations, Talks, & Practicals (Colleges, High Schools, & Primary Schools). 

• In October 2006, I exhibited 3 paintings at the Royal College Of Arts, London (part of an AMFPA exhibition). Author Frederick Forsythe purchased 2 of my paintings at this exhibition.

• Live art demonstration and interview featured on “Embarassing Bodies” (Channel 4, 2013).

• Live art demonstration and interview featured on “This Morning” (ITV, with Philip Schofield and Fern Britton, 2007).

• Promoting the AMFPA, charities, fundraisers, events, & other causes via talks, media, & Demos (2004-Ongoing). 

• Experience with Television Interviews & Demonstrations - Pre-Recorded & Live - Including: BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

• Experience with Television News shows - Including: Calendar, ITV News, and Look North.

• Experience with Radio Interviews - Pre-Recorded & Live - Including: Radio Humberside, BBC Radio, and KCFM.

• Experience with Magazine / Newspaper Interviews - Including: Out Of Time: Tate Modern, The Weekly News, Countryside Magazine, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Starpeople, Women’s Weekly, The York Press, Pick-Me-Up, and Hull Daily Mail.

• Documented on various online Feature articles and Blogs - Including: Art For Survival, MFPA websites, Rodrigooller (Portugal), Mai Vang (Vietnam), DrPrem’s Diary (India), and Dynamics Of Dentistry Blog (Dr Hal Stewart, USA).

• Experienced in personal promotion, planning and organising events, fundraising, the general public, customer service, and marketing / business studies. 

• Student Mentor at Kingswood High School (for Wilberforce College, 2005-2006).

• Designing informative signs to go on animal enclosures for primary-school-children to read at Bishop Burton College (Kingswood High School, 2003).

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