Globally known as a Mega Biodiversity Hotspot, Sumatra (Indonesia) is the sixth largest island in the world! The climate of the island is tropical, hot and humid. Lush tropical rainforest once dominated the entire landscape, alongside active volcanoes, large plains, lowland forests with swamps, mangrove forest, and complex river systems. It contains millions of species, many of which are only found in that region. 

Sumatra has lost almost 50% of its tropical rainforest in the past 35 years. Deforestation, due to agriculture and mining, contribute to the rapidly disappearing rainforests throughout the region. To add pressure to this delicate ecosystem, Sumatra is also facing threats from poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

The Sumatra Camera Trap Project was founded by Anthony Hearn (based in the UK) and Pungky Nanda Pratama (based in Sumatra, Indonesia) in 2018, through a mutual love of nature and a passion to preserve it. Working alongside The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency of South Sumatra, the project aims to help preserve the rainforests, aid conservation efforts, find new populations of the Sumatran Tiger (Critically Endangered), develop new integrated data of elusive species, raise awareness (both locally and globally) through social media and education programs, and combat illegal poachers and traffickers. They and their team do this through photography, video captures (using strategically placed camera traps), and data collection.

The project is currently focused on the previously unresearched area of Isau Isau Nature Reserve - located in two regions, Kabupaten Lahat and Kabupaten Muara Enim. This area is currently under threat from illegal plantations, illegal logging, and poachers / traffickers. The ecosystem is complex, and predominantly covered with lowland tropical rainforests with rich biodiversity. Since being placed, their camera traps have captured rare species not previously documented in these regions (this evidence is being used to help preserve the area), as well as capturing illegal human activity. The imagery from the cameras has already served as crucial evidence leading to the successful prosecution of poachers.

In 2019, LippyArt was approached by the project for assistance with digital visuals, and - due to mutually shared ethics and a strong passion for nature conservation - she has since joined their team. LippyArt hopes to utilise her skills in the arts, animals, and technology to help further the project, and looks forward to future collaborations.

Find out more about the project: HTTPS://THESUMATRACAMERATRAPPROJECT.COM - or find @SumatraCTP across social media.

Below you will find an ever-increasing collection of works LippyArt has created in collaboration with the project!

Clouded Mystery
(Digital Painting: iPad Pro 3rd Gen, by mouth)

Wreathed Hornbill
(Digital Painting: iPad Pro 3rd Gen, by mouth)

Original Camera Trap Capture for “Clouded Mystery” (Sunda Clouded Leopard)

Original Photo reference by Pungky,

for “Wreathed Hornbill”

Maneater Of Pelakat
(Digital Painting: iPad Pro 3rd Gen, by mouth)

Original references by multiple photographers,

for “Maneater Of Pelakat” (Sumatran tiger)

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