In 2016, I started a project called CONQUERED! Originally inspired by those throughout my life telling me "you can’t do that, it’s impossible for someone with your disability"; this is an ongoing diary-style series of photographs, videos, and writings following my challenges, adventures, and life as a disabled artist, doing all of those things and more! CONQUERED aims to raise public awareness of disability, confront stereotypes, and show how everyone - no matter what their ability or disability - can enjoy the outdoors, travel off the beaten track, and achieve their goals. The term "disability" should never be confused with "inability"; it’s not that we cannot do things, just that we sometimes need to innovate, take a different approach to "the norm", and do them in a different way.

Commencing 2018, CHALLENGE is a continuation of CONQUERED, but this time I’m also looking for YOUR input. I would like to know what you all want to see. I want to be challenged, but I also want to educate. So, if you’ve always wondered how I do certain things, would like to see me do a challenge, or simply have a burning question, I want to hear from you. I will do my best to conquer all challenges given, and answer any questions; all I ask in return is a donation - which will be used to fund my projects & future work as needed. Challenges can be as ridiculous or daring as you like. The aim is to raise awareness and show that having a disability does not mean you are restricted in life!


    1. To send a challenge, click “Submit A Challenge” (below). I will be in contact via email or messenger, and either accept or decline your challenge. 

       Depending  on the difficulty, I may agree to the challenge in return for a more reasonable donation pledge.

    2. Upon witnessing the "evidence" that I have completed the challenge (submitted on my YouTube channel & Blog as a video &/or photo, depending 

       on the challenge), you must donate the pledged amount to LippyArt.tv or Project Africa, and where possible, share the post to your social media 

       wall (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, etc) with any or all of the following hashtags…

 #LippyArt #ChallengeLippy #LippyConquered


    3. Challenges can be anything at all (within reason) - fun, daring, or maybe you're just curious how I do certain things? That said, PLEASE be 

       respectful, only send serious challenges / questions, and only pledge what you can afford.

    4. Please be aware that this challenge is being done to fundraise. Any cost to do these challenges will be coming out of LippyArt's personal 

        budget; consequently, if your challenge costs me more than £30 to achieve, I will only agree to it if you're willing to contribute in addition 

        to your donation pledge. 

    5. Due to personal restrictions regarding my disability and other commitments, no time limits will be placed upon any of the challenges. 

       If accepted, they will be done as and when I am able to do them.

    ***Sharing this page to your personal Facebook (or other Social Media) wall would be much appreciated.

Let the fun commence!

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