Demonstrations & Talks

LippyArt has vast experience working with a variety of charities, galleries, educational facilities, public events, zoological facilities, and many more. She has experience working with children and adults of all abilities and disabilities (physical and mental-health related), performing live mouth painting / drawing demonstrations and talks in front of an audience, holding exhibitions, organising events / fundraisers, and speaking to the media.  Where required Lippy does have her own 3m x 3m marquee for outdoor events.

LippyArt is comfortable speaking about any topics surrounding disability, art, wildlife, conservation, nature, and her personal experiences; she has a strong ethic with regards to educating, is not easily offended, and believes in encouraging a child’s curiosity; consequently, educators and parents should not be concerned about their children’s questions being “inappropriate"; Lippy will try to answer all questions to the best of her ability.

With regards to animal facilities, LippyArt has experience in working with a variety of species, from domestic pets, to wolves,
big cats, and sea-lions. Due to her degree, she has a strong understanding of animal behaviour, welfare, and training. Lippy has experience with zoological facilities on an public educational level, as well as working with staff - both advising on how to improve disabled facilities, and occasionally volunteering as a "novel object" to help keepers train their animals to become more comfortable around disabled people (e.g. wheelchairs, movements, etc).

The below prices are a guideline; please discuss your project with Lippy in detail - in certain circumstances (such as charity fundraisers, interest projects, animal or disability-related awareness events, etc), Lippy has been known reduce or completely drop charges where possible (depending on location, she may require a minimum of travel/accommodation costs covered). 

Lippy is currently looking for public events where she can exhibit and fundraise for her projects;  if you’re able to offer a position for exhibiting and perform a live mouth painting / drawing demonstration (even if there is a small fee to pay), please contact Lippy using the buttons below. 

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