- Artwork: Something Different -

Commissioning a speciality can be an exciting challenge for the artist - in this section you are encouraged to allow your imagination to run free! You can either describe what you envision as thoroughly as possible, or give a brief description and allow the artist creative freedom to interpret that as she wishes (her favourite). Artworks can vary, from a standard motorcycle observation, to wild animals, or even fantasy creatures like dragons, unicorns, or whatever else you can think of - the world is your canvas!

Commission prices vary depending upon  the subject complexity, composition, size, time spent on the project, and media used; consequently, there is no standard fee for speciality commissions. To find out more, simply request a commission. 

Please note that the artist will only take on speciality commissions if she feels she can complete it to her full potential; she will read all requests, but is under no obligation to accept everything. With a couple of rare exceptions, the artist does not accept human portrait commissions (e.g. realistic portraits of actual people); however, if you require a commission of this nature, she will forward you on to a suitable artist where possible.


Colour From £180.00

Greyscale (Black-&-White) From £175.00

Available in sizes A5 to A0.

Custom sizes available upon request. 

Mounting included in price. Framing & P&P quoted separately.

*Eco-friendly. LippyArt is dedicated to minimising her environmental impact and tries
her best to source superior quality, eco-friendly digital fine-art paper & technology.


Colour From £200.00

Greyscale (Black-&-White) From £195.00

Available in sizes from A5 to A3. 

Custom sizes available upon request, but must not exceed 16.5 inches (42cm).

Mounting included in price. Framing & P&P quoted separately.

• All prices include professional mounting. If you would also like to include framing, you can request a quote using the button below. Please note that the additional weight of a frame may increase the cost of postage; if this is the case, the artist will amend your invoice accordingly.

• A photo-shoot can be included with your commission (see the Photo-Shoot section for more details).

• The artist advises to allow a minimum of 6 months for completion; however, due to personal health, please understand that this may vary. Upon completion, the artist aims to dispatch the finished work as soon as possible (usually 7-14 days). 

• If you are supplying your own photos, please try to include as many images of as many different angles as possible, so that the artist can really get to know your subject intimately. Images must be owned by you; copyrighted images must come with a letter from the owner stating that they are happy for the artist to use the image as a reference, and that they understand that the finished artwork may be used commercially and published, with no restrictions, by either myself or the MFPA. The artist is happy to include a reference to the owner of the photograph used where necessary. Digital images sent via E-Mail / Dropbox / iCloud / Google Drive are preferred; if you are sending physical photos, please try to send copies. The artist tries their best to take care of any images sent, but will not be held responsible for any damages or loss that happens to reference materials provided.

• Please try to be as thorough as possible in describing any preferences (even colours you like or dislike); the artist will try to be as accurate as possible. If these details are not included before the artwork has been started, the artist will consider that as being given creative freedom. Where necessary, please include any preferences with regards to framing and mounting (colour, style, etc); if no preference is mentioned, the artist will work with the gallery to ensure the most visually flattering and complementary attributes are selected for the artwork.

• All commissions are for personal use only (unless otherwise negotiated). The artist maintains ownership of all copyrights. No commissioned works (art, photography, prints, or other creations) may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the artist (Leanne Beetham / Lippy-Art). The artist reserves the right to use copies of any commissions done as she sees fit (such as portfolio, publishing, or publicity purposes).

• Sometimes the artist may request that you allow her to forward your artwork to the Association Of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists before sending it to you. This means that your artwork may be published, as well as exhibited in various exhibitions and competitions around the world! This process can take up to 3 months before it is returned to you; consequently, artworks are only sent upon your agreement. Please note that if  you do agree, thank you - you are enabling Lippy-Art to achieve global recognition for her work, maintain her membership with the association, and enabling the association to continue supporting and enabling disabled artists worldwide.

Maneater Of Pelakat (Digital, by mouth)

Barmston (Digital, by mouth)

Connected (Digital, by mouth)

Barnaby’s Adventure (Digital, by mouth)

Into The Mist (Digital, by mouth)

Cavalry Horse (Graphite, by mouth)

The Rose (Watercolour, by mouth)

Split Rock Lighthouse (Watercolour, by mouth)

Barbours seahorse (Ink, by mouth)

Watercolour, by mouth. © LippyArt / Leanne Beetham.

Live To Ride (Watercolour, by mouth)

Equine Oils Logo (Digital, by mouth)

She-Wolf (Watercolour, by mouth)

Henley-Eight, Withernsea (Watercolour, by mouth)

Terrence Tree (Digital, by mouth)

Dun’ Fishing (Watercolour, by mouth)

Approaching The Enemy (Watercolour, by mouth)

Of Ice & Fire (Digital Drawing, by mouth)

Custom Harley Sportster (Watercolour, by mouth)

Fire & Blood (Watercolour, by mouth)

Jellyfish In The Sky (Graphite, by mouth)

© Leanne Beetham / Lippy~Art. All Rights Reserved

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