- Artwork: Animal Portraiture -

Commission prices vary depending upon  the subject complexity, composition, size, time spent on the project, and media used; consequently, the following figures should be used as a guideline rather than a set price.


Prices for a standard animal head portrait are as follows…


Grande-size (A3) = From £150.00

Moyen-size (A4) = From £145.00

Petit-Size (A5) = From £140.00



Grande-size (A3) = From £135.00

Moyen-size (A4) =  From £130.00

Petit-Size (A5) = From £125.00



Grande-size (A3) = From £120.00

Moyen-size (A4) =  From £115.00

Petit-Size (A5) = From £110.00







Grande: Within UK (Inc. Insurance) = From £25.00

Moyen: Within UK (Inc. Insurance) = From £20.00

Petit: Within UK (Inc. Insurance) = From £15.00

International P&P = Independently Quoted


**All prices include professional mounting. If you would also like to include framing, you can request a quote. Please note that the additional weight of a frame may increase the cost of postage; if this is the case, the artist will amend your invoice accordingly.

• A photo-shoot can be included with your commission (see the Photo-Shoot section for more details).


• The artist advises to allow a minimum of 3 months for completion; however, due to personal health, please understand that this may vary. Upon completion, the artist aims to dispatch the finished work as soon as possible (usually 7-14 days). 


• If you are supplying your own photos, please try to include as many images of as many different angles as possible, so that the artist can really get to know your animal intimately.  Digital images are preferred.


• Please try to be as thorough as possible in describing any preferences (even colours you like or dislike); the artist will try to be as accurate as possible. If these details are not included before the artwork has been started, the artist will consider that as being given creative freedom. Where necessary, please include any preferences with regards to framing and mounting (colour, style, etc); if no preference is mentioned, the artist will work with the gallery to ensure the most visually flattering and complementary attributes are selected for the artwork.


• All commissions are for personal use only. The artist maintains ownership of all copyrights. No commissioned works (art, photography, prints, or other creations) may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the artist (Leanne Beetham / Lippy-Art). The artist reserves the right to use copies of any commissions done as she sees fit (such as portfolio, publishing, or publicity purposes).


• Sometimes the artist may request that you allow her to forward your artwork to the Association Of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists before sending it to you. This means that your artwork may be published, as well as exhibited in various exhibitions and competitions around the world! This process can take up to 3 months before it is returned to you; consequently, artworks are only sent upon your agreement. Please note that if  you do agree, thank you - you are enabling Lippy-Art to achieve global recognition for her work, maintain her membership with the association, and enabling the association to continue supporting and enabling disabled artists worldwide.

The Hound (Graphite, by mouth)

Eagle Owl (Watercolour, by mouth)

Sockeye Salmon (Ink, by mouth)

Working For Peanuts (Watercolour, by mouth)

Cock Of The Walk (Watercolour, by mouth)

Red Rum (Watercolour, by mouth)

Danny The Assistance Dog (Ink, by mouth)

Red-Lored Amazon (Pigment Pencil, by mouth)

Red Prince (Watercolour, by mouth)

Fresian (Graphite, by mouth)

Orang-utan (Pastel, by mouth)

Beauty Is In The Eye (Watercolour, by mouth)

Disco (Watercolour, by mouth)

Miss Hattie (Ink, by mouth)

His-Royal-Wetness (Watercolour, by mouth)

Pigwidgeon, Scops Owl (Graphite, by mouth)

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